Paul Zavala

Stage | Voiceover | Video Editor


Latino American Stage Actor, Voiceover Artist, and Video Editor based in Chicago.From local theatre to online promos, I have an affinity for performing and making stories come to life. (Also, partial to creating/voicing very dumb memes)To contact with any inquiries, please email at or via one of the socials linked below!


Demos to be added soon™

"The Forgotten Princess" PromoLord Jackson/MilesPocket FM
"The Billionaire's Accidental Bride" Promo(s)EricPocket FM


Invitation to MurderLord LexingtonCaitlin Matson
ProofRobertTammy Perkins
The Dining RoomMultiple RolesZach Bloomfield
The Normal HeartMickeyClay Kirkland
GreaseVince FontaineNicki Blowers
A Christmas CarolFredTammy Perkins
Cat on a Hot Tin RoofDr. BaughNicki Blowers
Women of LockerbieBillAshley Samsa


- Associates in Theatre

Studies included Technical Theatre, Costuming, and Stage Makeup

Script Analysis (Character, commercial)Melissa Medina
Playing to Your Strengths: VO for Anime 101Christine Marie Cabanos
Second City: Voiceover 101Kathleen Andrade
Commercial VO WorkshopTania Possick
Intro to British AccentsKaren Strassman
Voice Acting for Video Games WorkshopCourtenay Taylor
VO Guidance and ConsultationJune Yoon
Acting 1-2Tammy Perkins
Acting FundamentalsLori Adams
ImprovisationTammy Perkins
Script AnalysisTammy Perkins

Home Studio

  • Discord | Skype | Zoom

  • Sennheiser MKH 416 | Audio-Technica AT2035 Microphones

  • Solid State Logic SSL2 Interface

  • Adobe Audition DAW

  • Mogami Cables

Editing Portfolio